The Making of the Blue Fire Star Essences

These essences are gifts of transformational light from some of the stars closest to us in space: each blue-white in colour, each of higher frequencies than our own star, each able to radically change our pattern of consciousness.


Merope (essence Exaltation)

Merope (essence Exaltation)

As a channelling medium with a particular affinity for the cosmos, I have been guided by the Higher Beings who work to help and heal the Earth to channel various energies of stars and solar system down onto our planet.

For my previous set, the Essences of Solar Radiance, I was guided to connect deeply into the heart of our own star to accept pure vibrations for the healing and awakening of our own hearts. For this new set, the Blue Fire essences, I was guided for the first time to connect to the central purpose of these specially-selected blue stars, creating essences of NEW MIND and CONSCIOUSNESS.

A star is a wondrous thing, a vast ball of nuclear fire, radiating across the whole of the physical electromagnetic spectrum, yet also radiating across many, many other levels of¬† existence. At the centre of each star is a ‘star seed’, the energy construct which contains all the information, all the unique patterns of existence and life purpose which that star is capable of, a form of star DNA, you could say. I see this seed as a complex, multi-dimensional crystalline form, all shining shards and facets.

When the Cosmic angels I work with guided me to these particular blue-white stars, I was handed over to the Star Beings there – a simple title, for such advanced forms of consciousness! I was told that each vibrational pattern I was to download was only one small part of that star’s make-up. I was allowed to connect psychically to the pattern, or shard, within the crystalline seed and then to bring this into form on Earth as an essence.

Each of these six patterns of starlight comes into the human psyche as a surgical tool of light, working away at our neural patterns to reveal, transform, overlay and replace what we currently have using this high-frequency starlight. These star focus like lasers, bringing light to our minds and new energy to our neural networks, relieving depression, suppression and disconnection,and much, much more. Through resonance with this starlight we shake off the old patterns of human darkness and accept a form of purer, higher light than that generally held within the human being.

These are energies of NEW TRANSMISSION, for they cause our nervous systems to operate differently and to transmit knowledge of who we are in new ways out into the world. These blue stars are highly activating. They have been given to us to release what is pent-up in us, letting us increase our self-awareness and self-actualisation, revealing purpose and giving us fresh confidence.

The Blue Fire essences can be used in various ways: individually, one at a time in a sequence, or in combination. They all have natural affinity for each other; there is no possibility of a ‘clash’ or an overload of our psyches. Instead, they ‘sing’ in harmony, adapting to our needs simply and quietly.