Awakening the Heart

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I am guided to pick a card from the Osho Zen Tarot pack. As I choose the card ‘Harmony’, I feel an angel coming forward to speak. He places his hand on my heart and says:

From the Osho Zen tarot

Card from the Osho Zen Tarot

“I am the Angel of the Awakened Heart, and by listening to these words you connect to me today. Feel me touch you, whispering to your heart to open to more love for the world as it is created through you in every moment. The human heart is often battered, surrounded by strong defenses, ready to withstand the onslaught of the pain that human life can bring. The threat is ever-present for most people. But what is the threat? All of you suffer in some way, wracked by your own doubt and painful responses to the world, bristling with your sense of the pain of others, caught on the barbed wire of their own defenses.

“Do I put this too strongly, you may ask? No, it is so. Humans’ fearful reactions become pain in the body and much is stored in the heart area. Yet, ponder on this card awhile. Feel the peaceful colours, see the process at work. Even simple images can have an effect, and an image such as this is designed for a particular purpose: it is a map of positive change.

“Allow yourself to feel the light at the heart centre. That light is me, an angel. I am embedded within this card, accessed by the artist, brought to you in a simple way. You know angels simply as ‘higher beings’, but we are more precisely stated as forces of creative change. We are all open to you. My whisper asks your heart to begin to open to a new light, to ask yourself to do one particular thing that will help you today.

“Imagine opening the inner gates to your heart – perhaps they seem heavy, or rusty, creaking in their disuse. Now see me standing there. What do I look like to you? As I move aside, picture a path illuminated by my light, a path created especially for you by your own inner guide – maybe an animal guide such as these dolphins, or another guide of your spirit. Allow yourself to flow down this path, trusting that this is the right thing to do. I walk with you; I am the trust and the strength and the warmth that you have in your heart.

This is the path of the awakened self. Let it take you forward in your mind’s eye until it gets to the place where, in this moment, you need to be. Now stop and look into the illumined space in front of you. What do you see? Be peaceful as you wait for your mind to link with your heart, to allow you this vision. Ask to be shown the image that will nurture you the most at this point. Take the image into your heart and say: “This is my gift to me today. In this gift my heart is awakened to a greater view of who I am. I am precious in my own sight’.”


I highly recommend the Osho Zen Tarot pack of cards as they are easy to work with, offering both simple and also profound meanings to go with the very clear and beautiful images.