Awakening Essence Experience

This is an excerpt from a reading I did for one of my clients, who needed particular work on her heart chakra.

“Having taken Awakening from the Loving Embrace set of solar essences, allow yourself several minutes of getting comfortable: slowing your breathing, relaxing into your body. Take yourself inside your body in your inner view, sense its extent all around you. Let your awareness, as much as you can, become a free-floating thing within your own inner space. Imagine your body as a dark cavern, somewhere warm and comfortable, with yourself an invisible presence within it.

“During these quiet moments, the Awakening essence will be working to align all your energies with the heart centre, in the way that a magnet aligns iron filings. So let your awareness now align with this also. Picture the heart chakra as a luminous gateway in the centre of the darkness. You do not need to be concerned about the other chakras; all the separate centres of energy in the body will be aware, will be resonating, with what is occurring.”

As you visualise and connect with the heart gateway, affirm that you wish to address the needs of the heart; that you wish to nurture what has been neglected, and bring both flow and order to where it is needed.”

Your spirit healer stops speaking at that point. There is a key to your passage through this gateway, I am told, and I suddenly see it as an enormous, gold, shining, old-fashioned key in the darkness. This key is an acknowledging that opens you up to the realm of your own Spirit. And the key takes the form of words that you will say at this point of the process. As you say them, allow yourself, if you can, to feel them throughout your body. Let them echo in every corner, light up the darkness and surround the heart gateway. These are the words:

 “I turn my face towards Spirit

As I turn my face towards the sun.

I am a child of Spirit,

Yet I am also Spirit nurturing that child.

I am One

And I love the One that I am.

I am the One who opens her eyes to Spirit

And all that I am.

I am love.”