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Life in the Palm of Your Hand

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Hi everyone. I thought I might only pull a card in the way I did last week, but found that I was open to much more! The card this time was Sacred Pool out of the Enchanted Map Oracle, and I was asked by Spirit to take my solar essence ‘Sanctuary’ to go with it. This essence creates a beautiful protective matrix of vivid green light around the heart, and focuses one within it, allowing an opening up to the light of inner wisdom. The Sacred Pool is the symbol of what is receptive within us, and also the symbol of what can can be learnt, absorbed and then allowed to flow. As I open up to Spirit, holding myself in this sacred place within,  I see a beautiful female spirit being floating above the water, glowing within folds of white around her face and within her long robes. She guides me to take the orchid essence ‘Wisdom of Compassion’, so as to connect to her more deeply. Is this Quan Yin, I wonder? “No,” she smiles. “I am a spirit guide on your periphery. I am not ‘attached’ to you yet I am observant  of the healing work you and others in your vicinity do, working with essences and with an intention based on your own compassion for others. To all of you who wish to bring relief to others, yet doubt your ability to do so, and to make a worthwhile difference to the world, I say this: “No intention goes unheard, and no prayer. You radiate your love and your gentleness with every breath. You walk in beauty and the knowledge of the beauty of all. Yet you do not always see that the greatest healing occurs within yourself. It is your primary task to seek out what is painful within and show it the mirror of your love. You are not less than anyone around you. You deserve no less. When you heal within, you have healed the world. each achievement is a mighty achievement.” She holds out her palm to me and on it is a little bird, fluttering around, hindered by a broken wing. “To us in Spirit, working on a level of ‘soul observance’, we see each of you in this way: struggling with the pain of earth existence, hindered by the limits of your knowledge. In truth, this image is also limited, for it is one-dimensional only, and you are beings of multiple dimensions, choosing to incarnate in a place of limited view. You choose to experience the pain of struggle. You choose to explore the nature of heart and love, seen through the lens of pain and sorrow. “Yet many of you are choosing to transcend the bounds of human limitation by realising that you are also the hands holding the bird; that you are the soul-beyond-limit exploring its nature within many limits, including that of being human. “We in the realm of Spirit who observe this, who have also experienced this, feel every heartbeat that opens up to greater love as a sunburst above the planet, a capturing of the divine within bounds that know so little of the majesty of the whole. “And so we honour you. yet we also request that you look within; that you find a moment to honour your own part in earthly life. Within your heart you know of your divine nature, and of the sacred path you walk on earth, and of your mission to bring more awareness, more healing, wherever you go. However, there is so much pain there still, so...

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Hi Everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t done my blog in so long but I’ve been going through a very deep inner transformational process and my focus has been almost totally on that when I haven’t been doing the occasional bit of client work (and helping Alex with his GCSEs!). I think psychic work is like using a radio antenna, and mine has been tuned to one single very powerful frequency which is vital for me to work with, which hasn’t allowed room for doing a blog for some reason. Anyway, hopefully this will return! But for the moment, I will let myself be directed by my guides to give you a powerful image each week to focus on, a sort of blog-lite. Perhaps you can use the picture as a meditative tool, as a place to start an inner journey. or perhaps it can raise an inner query: how does this image make me feel? The image given to me is the ‘Mother of Swords’ from the Quest tarot by Joseph Ernest Martin, shown below. Here we see an ice queen under the gaze of the ‘all-seeing eye’, trying to protect herself from it, trying to remain a mystery, trying not to ‘melt’. Her mask is shown at the bottom of the picture, and indeed, this is all about the image we present, the barrier between us and the world. Ask yourself: is it time to drop your mask, just a bit, perhaps starting by revealing yourself to yourself? What does the eye represent to you, what process can you sense...

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The Inner Garden

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Today I’ve been guided to pull out a card from the Gaia Oracle, and it is one of my favourites: Zen Garden, and I have a poster of this in my workshop room. As the words show, it is a card of Inner Sanctuary, of finding peace within us no matter how chaotic the world around us becomes. And the world is a chaotic place, isn’t it? The world is created out of the combined mental and emotional nature of the human race – across the globe, within our countries, within our cities, within our families, within ourselves. But we can choose to not get caught up in it, to separate from the ‘crazy’ and vibrate to a different beat, and then to create something new. The card shows the serenity that comes from a heart protected within its own private space. So let us create an exercise with which to achieve this.  Find a short time when you can have a complete break from all your activity. Make yourself as comfortable as you can. There is no need to work hard to stop your incessant thinking or to get your body to let go of its tension. Simply transfer your awareness inside you and imagine you are setting out on  an inner journey to find a place of peace. Then listen to the sound of your own breathing. Feel your lungs expanding and contracting, your chest rising up and down. When you feel ready, on your next out-breath when the air leaves your body, let yourself be drawn into that place between your lungs, between your breaths, between thoughts. With each new breath, focus on letting the out-breath expel more slowly. feeling yourself be drawn ever-deeper. In doing this exercise, you are not trying to slow your breathing to any particular level, and there is no need to struggle with it. Just allow yourself to come to the point of focus, the deep point of awareness within you. This is the gateway to the ‘inner sanctuary’. When you feel steady enough, and your breathing focused enough, let this idea and impression of a gateway build up in your mind, so that it feels real. This is the gateway that is the ‘breath of life’. It is both formed and shaped by your breathing. It is the access point. Let the image of the gateway truly solidify in your mind’s eye. Whether dark or luminous, small or majestic, square or arched, it is your individual gateway. Then step through the gateway, allowing your breathing to carry on without your attention. Notice what you see and feel now. This place is your sanctuary, because it is out of time and space as you know it. It is you, beyond your reaction to the world. It is the place to escape to, when things get too much, too overwhelming. You may become aware of your breathing again, yet more peacefully. If you have strong connections with the worlds beyond this world, you may find people waiting to speak to you. But ultimately, this is your sanctuary. What else do you experience here? Allow the scene to expand if you wish. Fill it with the light, the colours, the animals, perhaps, that you associate with peace. What you need will come to you naturally, for this is the garden of your heart, and your heart knows what it needs to feel soothed in its inner...

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Hello everyone! I’m back after a week off for Easter. This time I was guided to pull out a card from the Osho Zen tarot pack, and it is the card ‘Aloneness’. All of us, at some time, feel very alone. We are aware of our individuality, or sole existence separate from everyone else. We exist in our own heads, we suffer there and we know that one day we will die there, that the only existence we know will be gone, and we will truly separate from everyone else we know. The everyday human’s viewpoint is that of ‘aloneness’; of separation, of disconnection from everything else. We are aware of our vulnerability – both of our bodies and of our solo state. Nothing protects us it seems – no job, no money, no relationships – from the potential ravages of time and other threats. So what do we do about this? What is the answer? This card shows the lowly individual contemplating the vastness all around him. Whether it is the vastness of the universe, or the vastness of our separation from it, it can seem considerable, something to fight against, something to ignore or deny. But it needs to be faced. So know this: what seems like a body as you look at yourself in the mirror, something separate to the rest of existence, is not in fact this at all. The body gives you an individual viewpoint on what it is to exist; it gives you a boundary within which to explore creation. It is vulnerable because one day your viewpoint must change, must spin through space and time to find another view altogether, in the way a view through a kaleidoscope shifts to a brand-new pattern when it is turned. However, it is still you doing the viewing. You do not die. Your time here is limited, but also know this: you are not a solo traveller on the journey of existence. As you live, so you co-exist, at one with all the other beautiful patterns of creation around you. The bodies that seem so separate – yours and all others around you – are, in fact, so bound that there is no end to one and no start to another. You all see yourselves through all eyes. The human mind has trouble grasping this. The enormity of it can seem like a threat rather than the unlimited self-connection it truly brings. You don’t stop at the boundary that is your skin; you don’t stop at all. In this earthly life you have been given a unique view of the beauty of the universe; it is encapsulated within you. In reaching out to others emotionally, verbally, physically you touch yourself – the greater you. Know that you are not alone, for you are All of it. Ask yourself – the inner you – to find that comfort out in the world, that acknowledgement that all is safe, that all is absolute connection. You are not alone. You see all of you when you view All That...

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March 27 Sun and Full Moon alignment

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Today I am handing over to the angels to help me create my blog entry, and they show me an image of the sun rising, and I realise they wish me to talk about the alignment of the sun and moon which is due tomorrow. Once a month there is a full moon, where the moon lies on the opposite side of the earth to the sun and we get to see it fully illuminated. The moon and sun together provide the rhythms of our earthly life, and each full moon is  a potent time, when important things can come to fruition. If a full moon touches us personally, resonating on some inner level, then we feel moved, we feel an emotional urge to bring something to fulfillment. The full moon is exact tomorrow morning, at 9:30 UK time. But we are dealing with more than a simple full moon, as the sun is not alone on the other side of the sky. It joins with the planets Venus, Mars and Uranus to create a line-up of intensely strong illumination. The sun is far too dazzling for us to see the planets by its side – we would need an eclipse for that! But this line-up is intensely significant. The sun and planets are all placed in Aries, the sign of new beginnings, new directions, of being a pioneer in your own life. The sun moves into Aries at this time every year, heralding the spring. The weather here may still be stuck in what seems like eternal winter, but the planets say otherwise! Wherever these planets are in your particular astrological chart, they point to something new being seeded. Sun and Uranus together speak of the illumination that takes one onto a new level of consciousness, of breaking through to a new viewpoint. Uranus wants radical change, a fresh approach. It tried to overturn the old in favour of the ‘never been tried before’. Venus and Mars in the mix bring a longing for action, and a joy in seeing what is emerging from within one’s consciousness, what is coming into the light. Add in the full moon and it is a potent mix indeed! The angels have this to say about this alignment: “The sunrise tomorrow – whether seen or unseen – is glorious to behold, for we see it as a trumpeting chorus, an awakening to new life being seeded in the collective consciousness of the earth, and within each of you. And by ‘new life’ we mean the impetus to create your life afresh, from a perspective you have not considered before. Take a moment during the day to think about this. We cannot promise you revelations, though many will have revelations during this alignment. But we can suggest that you focus on one particular thing. “Picture yourself within a circle of light, like a hoop around your middle, suspended in the air. Now let this circle expand outwards, taking the sense of your own extent, your own scale, along with it. This does not diminish you in any way, you do not ‘stretch thin’. Like a star that swells into a giant at an important moment in its evolution, this exercise allows you to become comfortable with a new boundary. Let the circle of light remain just as bright as it grows, but there will come a point where you know it is meant to stop. It may be just a few feet away from you, it may have become the size of your house, your street, your city, country, the size of the...

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Just simply picking a card out for you today!

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I’ve just had a very busy weekend at the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association’s weekend gathering at Glastonbury (that’s a mouthful), where I did a talk on my new Solar Essences of Radiant Light. Everyone seemed to enjoy it , and I made some lovely new friends. But it’s all left me feeling a bit tired to say the least! So for my blog today I just decided to pull a card out to inspire us for the weekend ahead, and share the accompanying words with you. The card pack I chose is the Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno. And the card is ‘Achievement’. The card is particularly appropriate for me, as taking my special essences out into the world for the first time was a significant achievement, and an important milestone in my life. But the card is also talking to you, and asking you to think about what you’ve just achieved in your life, and how far you’ve come. It’s asking you to keep focused on the overall dream, and the path that’s taking you there. The words say: “Know that you deserve all the success that’s coming your way. Quietly acknowledge this to yourself as you celebrate your achievements. Thank the earth and the universe for this blessing, in the knowledge that all you do is a co-creation with the higher powers that be. Then, refocus your attention back to the task at hand. Do not lose sight of your original purpose and intention. This is only the beginning; much more can be accomplished provided you keep focused on the dream. Remember what is truly important to...

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