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Hi Everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t done my blog in so long but I’ve been going through a very deep inner transformational process and my focus has been almost totally on that when I haven’t been doing the occasional bit of client work (and helping Alex with his GCSEs!). I think psychic work is like using a radio antenna, and mine has been tuned to one single very powerful frequency which is vital for me to work with, which hasn’t allowed room for doing a blog for some reason. Anyway, hopefully this will return! But for the moment, I will let myself be directed by my guides to give you a powerful image each week to focus on, a sort of blog-lite. Perhaps you can use the picture as a meditative tool, as a place to start an inner journey. or perhaps it can raise an inner query: how does this image make me feel?

The image given to me is the ‘Mother of Swords’ from the Quest tarot by Joseph Ernest Martin, shown below. Here we see an ice queen under the gaze of the ‘all-seeing eye’, trying to protect herself from it, trying to remain a mystery, trying not to ‘melt’. Her mask is shown at the bottom of the picture, and indeed, this is all about the image we present, the barrier between us and the world. Ask yourself: is it time to drop your mask, just a bit, perhaps starting by revealing yourself to yourself? What does the eye represent to you, what process can you sense occurring?

mother of swords