Angelic Messages

Unique Healing Words for your Heart

The Angelic realms surround us and support us on all levels of our Being. Through my ability to act as a deep channel from this realm, I offer you words from your personal angels that will speak straight to your heart and bring you healing.

Each of us has unique pain and conflict within our hearts. Each of us has a need for reassurance and help with what is stored there. Each of us has the potential to find joy and fulfillment in life. Via my ability to connect deeply into your heart and enter the realm of your guiding angels, I bring you messages that will resonate deeply with you and trigger angelic healing. Each time you read them more can be imparted. Each time you read them your heart will open up to the help that is available on the more subtle levels of existence.

Testimonials for my Channelled Work


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The messages from the angels is sent to you as a PDF file. It can also be posted inclusive in the cost for the UK ONLY.

I make an initial psychic link to you via your astrological chart, and then I go deep into your heart to connect with your angels. So please email me with your date, place and time of birth (if you know it) once you have placed your order.

Please CONTACT ME if you would like more information about this service.