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aloneness2Hello everyone! I’m back after a week off for Easter. This time I was guided to pull out a card from the Osho Zen tarot pack, and it is the card ‘Aloneness’. All of us, at some time, feel very alone. We are aware of our individuality, or sole existence separate from everyone else. We exist in our own heads, we suffer there and we know that one day we will die there, that the only existence we know will be gone, and we will truly separate from everyone else we know.

The everyday human’s viewpoint is that of ‘aloneness’; of separation, of disconnection from everything else. We are aware of our vulnerability – both of our bodies and of our solo state. Nothing protects us it seems – no job, no money, no relationships – from the potential ravages of time and other threats. So what do we do about this? What is the answer? This card shows the lowly individual contemplating the vastness all around him. Whether it is the vastness of the universe, or the vastness of our separation from it, it can seem considerable, something to fight against, something to ignore or deny.

But it needs to be faced. So know this: what seems like a body as you look at yourself in the mirror, something separate to the rest of existence, is not in fact this at all. The body gives you an individual viewpoint on what it is to exist; it gives you a boundary within which to explore creation. It is vulnerable because one day your viewpoint must change, must spin through space and time to find another view altogether, in the way a view through a kaleidoscope shifts to a brand-new pattern when it is turned.

However, it is still you doing the viewing. You do not die. Your time here is limited, but also know this: you are not a solo traveller on the journey of existence. As you live, so you co-exist, at one with all the other beautiful patterns of creation around you. The bodies that seem so separate – yours and all others around you – are, in fact, so bound that there is no end to one and no start to another. You all see yourselves through all eyes. The human mind has trouble grasping this. The enormity of it can seem like a threat rather than the unlimited self-connection it truly brings. You don’t stop at the boundary that is your skin; you don’t stop at all. In this earthly life you have been given a unique view of the beauty of the universe; it is encapsulated within you. In reaching out to others emotionally, verbally, physically you touch yourself – the greater you. Know that you are not alone, for you are All of it. Ask yourself – the inner you – to find that comfort out in the world, that acknowledgement that all is safe, that all is absolute connection. You are not alone. You see all of you when you view All That Is.