A Point of Silence

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Today, instead of pulling a card, my spirit guides are giving us an image to reflect on. When we take a break from the busy world, when we wish to switch off, our main aim is to find some stillness, and to look for the source of peace within. So this week, let this be your focus. Picture a still pool in a shady glade, with reeds and bulrushes around the water’s edge. Standing to one side there is a pure white heron, its lower legs immersed in the shallow water, its head cocked to one side as it regards you.

This bird is as still as a statue, yet it is not the stillness of paralysis, but poise. The heron is perfectly poised in the moment, and as you look at it, and connect to it, you are connecting to its essence, its healing gift. Its essence speaks to you on an inner level, as everything in nature does. And its message is this:

“Listen to the sound of silence within. It is infused with care for you and your damaged sensibilities. Look into my eyes and know that the universe hears you and responds. Know that the response is the silence that can absorb all things, and leave you open to the sound of your Source within.”

Yet what is this thing we call the ‘Source’? My guide, Gideon, steps forward to answer this question.

“Greetings from the world of Spirit. I work constantly with Helen to connect her to, and educate her in, the nature of Source, that which is within you all. The Source is outside of time and space. It can be called the Point of your Creation, but it is not a point that you can identify as any one place, or any one state that you know. To begin to understand it, you have to acknowledge one thing: that your body is not the source of you. Instead, the Source is the truth of you, and from it all that you are, all that you know, derives.

“Think of it now this way. Imagine that inside your body, and inside your mind – which are, in fact, the same thing – there is only empty space, pure void. This void is endless, having no dimension, no boundary, not even that of your skin, or your skull. Yet it is as much a part of you as is your physical matter. Into this void introduce one tiny point of light. It is so tiny that it is a mere speck in the vast darkness. You cannot even tell if it is near or far, as there are no reference points here.

“But this point is important, is everything to you. Focus on it, let it draw you in. It exists in pure silence, but it scintillates, its light emitting in waves that you cannot see or feel, for they are beyond human senses. As you focus on this point, know that you have been primed to receive your own truth; know that you are connected to the reason for your creation. As you sit in your own silence, and your own darkness, let yourself open up to this. What do you see, what do you hear or feel in this moment that tells you of who you are?”