A Meditation on the Sun

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The sun is the star which gives us life and we live in its light. Each of us reflects this light as it falls from the sky; each of us is a facet of brilliance in the totality that is the sun as a whole. For the sun is more than a light-emitting, life-giving sphere. The physical scenario of the solar system – sun and distant orbiting planets, following trails in the darkness – is just one view of Total Solar Reality. And as the sun exists on all levels of its multi-being – for it is a multi-being – so do we. Our eyes attune to the physical view; it is what we are used to, what we have defined the dollar system to be: separate orbs in the vastness of space, attached yet not attached, joined yet each seeming to whirl in their own portion of space.

Very much how each human seems to live on the earth… But it is just one view. And here we introduce another level of solar reality, one which will enable you to begin to think outside of your normal framework. Imagine being outside on a clear, sunny day. It does not matter if it is summer o winter, as your view of the sun is unobstructed. It is too brilliant to look at directly, of course,, but even looking askew the sun is overwhelming in its power and majesty. For it is a STAR, and few think   of the sun in this way. It is ‘just the sun’ – necessary, life-creating, life-affirming perhaps, but just ‘there’.

The sun can seem ordinary. But in its nature as a STAR it has existence well beyond what is ordinary to us. In your imagination, as you feel the sun’s warmth on you, allow the view of the sun to expand, its vivid light melting its own disk and spreading to fill the entire sky around you, now one vast array of shining brilliance. You can look at it now, it is no longer the physical light you know. Other things around you also melt away. It is now just a simple surface beneath your feet, with sky above. It is a version of the sun’s identity.

Now, instead of the sun’s light coming to you from one narrow direction, it is omni-radiant; your whole self is aglow in its light. No part of you is in shadow. Not only that, but its light inhabits you down to your core. You have become, in this precious view, a vessel of pure sun, pure STAR. You are one with your star; you are a voice of your star, one harmony amongst its Star Melody. We give you this view of yourself as star-human, my guides and I, for it is most important. You are star, your voice is heard as the sun pours out its existence into the heavens. You, too, are a voice in the cosmos. You are coming into the awareness of, growing in the knowledge of your own purpose as a child of the sun.

You are as much a luminous being as is your sun, for you are your star. Only in the physical version is there a vast difference between you – small, short-lived human compared with the vast life that is the sun. But on the level we show you there is no difference. The sun lives through you; the sun’s purpose unfolds through you, and through everyone – through all life on earth and the whole solar system as it reaches out to touch other stars.

The solar system is wide, immensely wide, and the sun’s pull is felt a very long way out. But from another star, it is just one more point of light, yellow-hued, amongst all other lights. All of us are held within that pinpoint beam that hits other worlds, all of us as one song, the melody of our star. There is no distinction made within this melody, between you and any other component. You are not compared, you voice is as strong as any on earth, as strong as the voice of the other planets. Your voice is important. It adds to the beauty, the complete uniqueness of the whole. As you grow as a person, as you open up to ideas beyond the mind, and feelings beyond the body, so does your sun-voice change in expression and timbre.

To honour the sun within us, to honour its physical presence as its rays beat down on us, is to honour our unique contribution to the whole. It is to be a STAR, the voice that says: “I AM EXISTENCE”. As you meditate, sunbathe or day-dream, feel the sun within you and all around you. Know that there is no separation, that you are a star made miniature, for a unique experience of star-self. This is all it is, this is what you are, amongst all your other attributes.