Your Personal Guiding Stars

Out of all my essences, seven in particular have been designed to act as specific guides on your life’s journey. Your essence is chosen and especially attuned to you by my spirit healers and, with accompanying words of healing, it will work to lay out a new path and a new life for you, overcoming the normal challenges you repeatedly face.


This New Path Essence Healing – selected essence bottle plus channelled words – costs £35 (includes postage).


The essences of choice are shown below. Please contact me if you are interested in this personalised healing package. My guides will choose the most appropriate essence (or confirm your  own choice) and then I will channel their healing messages to you in writing – typically about 800 words. The energy from the essence acts as a platform for the words to take hold, and the words act as a path for the essence to follow within you. It is a most potent combination!


BlessingSunlit WingsSolaceEmpowerEarth SpiritGuiding LightChalice

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