Higher Self Readings

Light your Way Forward with a Unique Written Reading

I am a specialist channelling medium, highly trained by my spirt guides to create a profound psychic connection with your mind and soul. Through this link I can offer you an in-depth written reading to help you move forward through your current life challenges. This will provide spiritual guidance, healing wisdom and other invaluable information to support you on all levels. Working with my spirit guides, I am able to communicate with your Higher Self, as well as your angelic and spirit helpers – all those who know what healing you may need and what you really wish to achieve in the near future. It may well be time for you to understand your deeper capabilities, or get more of a sense of what your soul is trying to learn and experience in this lifetime…


I provide either a Reading or a Reading/Essence blend Combination, where you are provided with a 20ml bottle of your own Personally Tailored Selection of Essences, which will rejuvenate you and support your shift into the next phase of your life. Readings are 1500-2000 words in length and are emailed as a PDF file, unless a printed and posted copy is specifically requested.


Price(GBP): £50.00


COMBINATION:   Written Reading plus Personal Essence Blend

Price(GBP): £69.00

Cost includes posting the reading, if needed. For Combination orders, essence blends to be sent outside the UK incur postage. See   ORDER INFORMATION for more details. 


In the reading you will be given deep information to help you understand so much more about yourself, and to direct you towards finding healing and fulfillment. The overall aim is to help you expand into a new awareness of who you are and to integrate what has been hidden or lacking in your life. This deep information is brought alive by the use of symbolic imagery, illustrating what is happening or about to happen in your life.

To do a reading, I will chat to you via email or phone, to find out if there is anything particular you would like to focus on, and then I work remotely, linking intuitively at a deep level, writing down everything I am shown and told. I ‘make contact’ with you initially from your astrological chart, which acts as a springboard for a profound connection with you – so I will need your birth details from you before proceeding. Occasionally during the channelling I will be guided to discuss certain key aspects of your birth chart, and the changes currently occurring.

There are two possible options for readings. One is reading on its own, up to 4/5 pages of A4. The other is a  reading with accompanying essence blend, as detailed in Personal Transformation. This combination gives you both words of illumination, and the healing, transforming, energising and clarifying energies you need to shift and open you internally to new ideas and new horizons.

Please contact me if would like to find out more. Go to Testimonials for some client feedback.