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Star Essences and Guiding Light readings for Powerful Illumination and Transformation


HELLO!   Welcome to my world of transformational essences. Here you will find thirty-four individual essence products spread across five different sets, covering all aspects of personal evolution and revelation. In this section let me teach you about essences and, via my connection to Spirit, help you find exactly what you need!

Awakening Essence Experience

This is an excerpt from a reading I did for one of my clients, who needed particular work on her heart chakra.

The Amazing Power of Water

Through my work with essences I have come to understand the amazing power of water. However, I don’t mean its power to shape the landscape or its ability to sustain life. Instead, I speak of its quiet, hidden nature. Water touches us, water flows over us; it encircles the earth in never-ending currents. And as it does so it gently communicates all it knows.

About Me

Helen F Ward. BSc Hons, Dip. V. MED. I am an Essence therapist and producer, and also a Spirit Journeyer and Inspirational writer. I work with spirit guides and angels to help bring about transformation and illumination for my clients. Find out more above!